How do I send my Master? 

Wrap in tissue paper and put into a small, sturdy box.  Mint tins are perfect.  Double-box fragile masters.  Include contact information and instructions.

Are there any minimums?

We have no minimums for casting or finishing.  We offer price break incentives for multiple castings of the same item.

How much does it cost for castings?

An estimate is given when the part is evaluated. 

How do I place my order? 

E-mail images to discuss your work before mailing your original items in to be cast.  Include instructions on the metal you’d like the parts cast in, the level of finish you’d like, and the quantity of each piece.  Include contact information.  We confirm receipt of packages.  Existing customers are encouraged to email orders.  We confirm receipt of emailed orders.

Do I own the molds? 

Yes.  We will store your molds if you plan to order from them on a continuing basis.  You are welcome to store them yourself, if you like.  Molds left for 3 years without orders are considered abandoned and may be disposed of.

Can I use molds I already have?

As long as they are in good working condition and produce acceptable waxes using our computerized wax machines.

Will you cast my metal?

We do not accept scrap or old jewelry for casting.

Do you have rush fees?

Rush jobs are available for established customers only.  Fees apply.

How can I pay?

We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express or personal check.  All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.