All shops are different, and we strive to provide you with parts the way you like them, whether you do subsequent bench work or go directly to retail.  You can choose to create a single piece or an entire product line that includes any or all of the following steps:

Initial Preparation

The castings are pressure washed, pickled and cleaned with an ultra-sonic cleaner.  Parts are close-clipped and retain a small nub of the gate (sprue).  The surface quality is not refined and will require finishing.

Machine Finishing

We remove the remnant of the gate (sprue) from the part and the raw casting is put through a pre-finish cut down media to smooth the surface. The casting is now bench prepped and is ready for subsequent work and final finish.


In this stage the pre-finished casting is burnished with stainless steel shot.  Recesses remain frosty.  Depending on your requirements, this may work as a final finish.

Pin Finishing

The magnetic pin finisher’s tiny pins reach and burnish recesses of highly detailed parts such as filigree.

Hand Polishing

Some pieces may need additional hand processing to achieve completely finished parts that are ready for sale.  Whatever your needs, we can supply the expertise.


We process silver, bronze and brass in small batches to produce a dark, uniform surface prior to machine finishing.

Sand Blasting

This provides an overall frosty appearance – generally a final step.